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CH2 for me also, not that you need to hear that again.

It's orthographically better.

Unusual memories this also brings, of taking a test to become a fighter pilot. Part of it was two hours with a huge book (multimedia for its time) which as you turned pages presented you with primary views within the plane, without the plane, and I think view from the plane side window. You then had to pick the orientation set that matched.

I must have passed - got high grades on this and officer test, then was taken up in a high-performance trainer, much like a WW2 fighter. I did like it, after orientating as I'd learned on the trampoline. Along with 4G+ forces in maneuvers.

When we came down, after a final simulated attack on a golf course, I was cool as you get to be in such exertion. The jet jockey who had been minding my possible recruitment hopped up on the wing while I was undoing my various parachute and other harness, and taking the helmet off.

I thought to be polite to his question of how I liked it -- really so. Then came the spiel about how I would go to Florida having all the girls, fast cars, fast jets as you saw in The Right Stuff. I remember thinking carefully to be polite to him, for he was a decent guy. As quite a young man myself, as you are in those years I didn't know quite what I would say, but that I would say something.

I repeated his words more or less back, appreciatively; then countered that 'Ok, I do this -- and then at the end of 18 months I have to go over to a place like Vietnam, and search in the sky for another fellow much like me, and kill him, before he kills me...and how is that?'

Of course his jaw dropped, and then I knew that I was finished with this particular impulse to be responsible. I later found other ways, and they were specifically in preventing wars. Maybe we talked about this once, Laurence; I don't really remember.

In later life, none of it looks simple, and certainly not now. You really need all the things we do in the world. Just with accurate and widely attentive senses of responsibility, and the better balances which come from this. My thought on it, anyway.



p.s. the same plane carrying another had its ailerons stick the next week, and augured in. Luckily, the student in the back had paid attention as I did, and knew how to climb out of the thing, also in the way which avoided being bisected by the tail, and so all survived. Having flown it, I can just barely imagine what the senior pilot did to give him the chance, as it was a real racecar, but he did.

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