Poll: WFT-E5 users (wireless file transmitter for the 7D)

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Re: Poll: WFT-E5 users (wireless file transmitter for the 7D)

Thanks again for responding, Anders !

apersson850 wrote:

When using ad-hoc, I tried against a Windows XP computer.

This is very valuable info for me - not that I believe that it makes a difference to the way the WFT work, but I only use Linux on my computers and the fist thing Canon support say when I answer their question about OS is that "Linux isn't supported, sorry" which is totally annoying.

The current functionality, where it signals an error when the connection is lost, is something I think works well when connecting to an infrastructure network. Then the camera and the router are always connected, and the camera's server works just like that, i.e. a server to which the clients can connect and disconnect at their leisure. The camera stays connected to it's counterpart, and doesn't care if anyone is actually logged on to the WFT server or not.

If you do loose the connection with the infrastructure router, it's probably because either you are too far away, or the router went down, in which case I'd say it's good you get an error message.

Well, I would think that having the WFT go back to connect-mode wouldn't preclude being able to examine the error messages. As far as I recall the error log is a separate menu item on the WFT (I currently haven't mounted the WFT on the camera because the normal battery grip provides better access to changing the camera battery).

The Asus router is a handy product. We use it at work to provide Wi-Fi access to our machines, when we are out at a customer's site working with them. The machines have internal Ethernet, but usually no connection to any other LAN. By using the Asus to make a WiFi access point, we can connect the programming tools in an easier way. But I haven't tried it with my camera. I thought about it, but then considered it pointless, as the grip already is wireless as well. But for this purpose it may work. I presume you can't get the camera's USB port to power it, right? Perhaps port power is lost when it finds out that it's not the proper device connected to the port. In our machines we just connect the Asus to the machine controllers USB port for power, and then to the switch for Ethernet.

My first thought with the Asus was to power it via the WFT USB port but alas, you are right. The power is cut as soon as the camera doesn't use the port - which is probably the sensible thing to do on a battery powered device. I only got the Asus to work around the ad-hoc connection mode on the WFT but actually it also does have the potential to improve transfer times as I can get the 100MB of the WFT wired LAN because the Asus support the n standard and the WFT only support the g standard. By the way, it's just too bad that Canon doesn't upgrade the WFT to the n standard. Even though they don't seem to sell them in great numbers upgrading the WFT can't be a major deal and Canon must have a big profit margin on the WFT.  Maybe they just sell too few world wide.

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