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Re: question what do you do

mordicai wrote:

Marti58 wrote:

with your images ? internet printing, what kind of things do you shoot ?

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I shoot everything. I've used everything from 8x10 film to sinars, Linhofs,Leica's and hasselblads. I'm a pixal peeper but I'm not a pro anymore. Now I just have a little web site for myself and friends. The RX100 is the highest Rez sensor I've every owned, and I love it.  I shoot RAW and spend hours on Lightroom. This is what I'm shooting now with the RX100 http://www.pbase.com/mordicai/image/147679629

I don't have the RX1 yet, it comes tomorrow,  but it may help you to do some research on differences between sensor sizes. Like APSC vs FF as an example. And what you get with the changes in sensor sizes. You can't always see on a computer screen looking at a pic on a web site the real differences that the larger sensor gave you. You need to put the raw files on your computer, shoot in light conditions you couldn't manage before, play with DoF you didn't have before. Most people just put two pictures side by side and look for which is sharper and call that IQ. But there is so much more to the difference. Sounds you like could really use it given what you say you do with your pictures.

Someone who only takes pictures and then stores them digitally never printing and never displaying except on facebook or flikr though wouldnt notice it as much.

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