Nex 5-n 18-55mm Kitlens sufficient for ''star/night'' photography?

Started Dec 9, 2012 | Questions thread
makeitso Regular Member • Posts: 150
Re: Nex 5-n 18-55mm Kitlens sufficient for ''star/night'' photography?

The picture you're using as an example is a composite photo of multiple images stacked to create the single final image. Temper expectations, but you can get some decent pictures with the kit lens with the right technique. One of the biggest factors in beginning astrophotography is taking the time to get away from light pollution. What you can see in the sky 30 miles away from the nearest city is vastly different than what you'll see from your porch.

As for setting focus probably the best way is to going manual focus and then use a flashlight,laser or car headlamps  to light something up at the lens hyperfocal distance set the focus and then not touch it.

If you have time there is a meteor shower occurring on Wednesday night to make your first foray into it.

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