The LX7 is miles ahead of LX5, XZ-2, etc

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Re: The LX7 is miles ahead of LX5, XZ-2, etc

In your opinion, is the LX7 better than the XZ2 in every respect except for the zoom reach and OOC JPEG colours?

I want a camera that will be quick to focus at indoor concerts (rock/indie gigs - not classical), and the XZ2 initially appealed to me because of that extra reach in the zoom dept when compared to the LX7 and because I always wanted an Oly for their JPEG colours (I normally opt for Sony but recently hankered for an Oly because I have heard only good things about the OOC JPEG colours!).

Will the difference in zoom reach be that noticeable between the LX7 and XZ2 and has the Panny JPEG colours really come a long way since the LX5?

I currently use a Sony NEX-5 and HX9V, and the NEX is not brilliant at hunting for focus in dimly lit venues, and the HX always has some degree of image blur on still shots at the tele end even if it is in just a small area of the photo (although I must admit that the video quality is always very good in the HX and the long zoom is great for close-ups at festivals and stadium gigs).

I am very much an amateur but have started to tweak with the settings on the NEX, which is helping me get to grips with manual controls in general.

Would the LX7 be the best compromise for sharp images at gigs and videos? I like to take a mixture of 2 or 3 videos and have at least 15 good photos at every gig, and therefore want a camera where I won't be snapping away all night just to get the 'keeper' shots. Also, is the XZ2 video much better than the XZ1, which got bad reviews for it's video?

The only downside that I can see with the Panny for my use will be the zoom, but I guess if I can get within 50ft of the stage then it shouldn't be that much of an issue.


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