6D - sensor measurements and comparison with other Canon FF

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Re: 6D - sensor measurements and comparison with other Canon FF

rrccad wrote:

between canon models perhaps .. outside of canon you aren't comparing apples to oranges. especially nikon - i'm not sure where the black point is set on sony raws.

nikon sets it's black point to 0 - which by convention would have one to assume that half the noise or banding disappears by basis of the digital data not being able to record negative offsets. this may not be entirely accurate depending on how nikon comes up with the 0 value of black.

Anyway I measure only Canons. Zero black level on Nikon prevents from easily making the same measurements of read noise and banding, all the more if you don't have the camera in the hands. Pentax cameras (at least K5) have non-zero black level. For Sony cameras I don't know.

that's why I was originally curious if you could extract the same data using DPP as the raw converter. Iris I believe will work off of tiffs as well.

Yes, Iris can handle other formats. I wont' have much time during the week to come, but later I'll try experiments in this way.

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