Examples of sharp pictures with XP1 / XE1

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Re: Examples of sharp pictures with XP1 / XE1

mrgooch2008 wrote:

A portrait of a woman.

The front of the coin is sharp for sure, but the background really shows that 'watercolour effect' that people are going on about!

I've no doubt that the lens is sharp; my doubt is about the autofocus systems being reliably and consistently being able to access that sharpness. Each autofocus system (single, continuous and manual/AF-L) seems to perform differently and produce different results.

Instead of people showing their very best result out of however many shots they've ever taken, it'd be more informative if we could organise a mass autofocus test, where everyone would download and set up THIS LENS-TESTING CHART , photograph it with wide-open aperture, using each of the three autofocus systems for a single shot only, and then post their three results. I expect it'd be almost impossible to filter out the folk who would cheat to prove that their camera could do no wrong...

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