Does it make sense to own both 40mm and 50mm?

Started Dec 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
stephensells New Member • Posts: 16
Re: Does it make sense to own both 40mm and 50mm?

I purchased the 50mm first, but became too irritated trying to use it indoors.  Like you mentioned, I kept needing something wider.  Also, my 50mm has the crapiest autofocus.  I get maybe 25% keeper rate using that thing.  The wider the apeture, the harder it was to get in-focus pictures, so the wider apeture was worthless to me.

I keep it for outside work, it seeems to do better with a little distance and more light. Your milage may vary.

I purchased the 40mm and I like it a lot.  This is the one that I keep on my camera.  It is just about the right viewing angle for my indoor shots and it nails the focus almost every time.

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