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Well if the above is really what you think then all I can say is.. get on with it.  But to me - as an "old 'un" in my octogenarian years..I only wish a lot more may have thought along similar lines a long time ago. There's no doubt in my mind - having seen what may be called (and indeed present standards) the "good old days"..we've without a doubt gone downhill fast and most certainly the BBC since it's been brought into it here - is a mere shadow of what is was... watered down to suit the ones who have probably never known what GOOD and outstanding quality and presentation it was.. and indeed standards as a whoile just do not seem to exist as it used to be.  It is decided by many things I've no doubt..  but in the end it is all down to personal views and personal experiences. If you've no experiences of the older ways.. then don't attempt to compare them..

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