My "$99" Sigma 19mm NEX is arrived - slap me silly, very impressive

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Re: Good wide choice, but not for product photography

shaolin95 wrote:

makeitso wrote:

shaolin95 wrote:

I so much wanted this but they did not honor their ad even with the screenshot I sent them and tons of back and forth communications.


In all honesty it was a price mistake. People who were actually able to order at the $99 price (I saw it up but didn't pull the trigger) should be fortunate it shipped. Whining and complaining about it like that just makes it so the retailer not wanting honor the price when it's a mistake in the future. You missed the deal, deal with it.

WTF is your problem? Do you even know what the tone of my communications with them was? No, so shut up and mind you own business. I hate your kind of know it all people...

Your tone here is enough to give a sense of how you deal with things. The biggest problem with consumers with your mentality is it ruins it for those who were fortunate enough to get in with the price mistake. Because of people like you who send "tons of back and forth communications" it becomes easier just to cancel all orders than deal with all the "but you're honoring that price for..." emails. Kudos to b&h for honoring the obvious price mistake regardless of the people trying to force their order through. But that's enough on that.

Congrats to the OP on picking up a great lens for the price. Will be great addition to the lens stable.

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