GX1 - thoughts after a week of intense use from a Nikon shooter

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Re: GX1 - thoughts after a week of intense use from a Nikon shooter

I definitely agree that many of the options are available without diving into menus.  ISO/Focus mode/Drive mode/White balance are all on the DPAD menus, which is nice... the Q Menu I didn't use much.  I found I was able to access pretty much everything I wanted to quickly from the 4 dpad menus, such as turning auto ISO on or off, focus mode from center to face or 23 area AF mode, and WB from auto to incan, flash, or custom.

Custom WB on live view cameras is really nice and I hope DSLRs can catch up in this area fast  You can do it, but you're never quite sure how "big" a target you need, like, whether you need to "fill the frame" with your white card, or just an area near the center AF point... the camera says fill the frame, but I've got it to set WB correctly with a much smaller target in the center of the frame.  Both DSLR and DSLM fall flat though for custom WB in very low light (both will complain that light levels were too low to set a custom WB).

I did notice that the auto WB would shift depending on exposures for long exposure.  Thankfully I shot raw so I can change it in post, but depending on my shooting angle and exposure time, sometimes my exposure would be purple on the night sky, or blue... kind of strange, but then again the camera is detecting colours that my eye can't see.

If this is your first camera, it's important to know it really well.  For me because I had shot on another system the way I shot had to be changed when moving to this camera system... I could adapt, but certain things I was a bit surprised at (like significantly lower dynamic range and really fast highlight clipping with not so elegant roll-off).

Overall, though, I did like the GX1 and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, especially at its $450 current price.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention: I liked having a hot shoe, for my Lumopro LP 160, even though setting flash manually instead of TTL can be a pain!

Pic Man wrote:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have this camera but unlike you this is my first real camera and it's interesting to read your perspective. You've noticed many of the cameras limitations quickly whereas I'm only just starting to notice a few. I love shooting with it though, it's a great camera to hold and many of the controls are very easy to access without menu digging. Overall I think it's a good camera to learn on. One day I'll probably want to upgrade but for now I'm happy with this cameras performance.

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