GX1 - thoughts after a week of intense use from a Nikon shooter

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Re: Pana 20/1.7

I like normal fast primes too, which is why I picked this lens up. I agree the performance is good, with sharp results down to f4.
As for slow speed; the other panasonic pancake (17 f2.5 or 24 f2.5 or whatever ) is supposed to be faster since it only moves one element.

Still, as you said, in decent light, focus is fine, and even in low light once you do get focus it's fast enough and the results are nice. I just noticed the CDAF is  not even as good as like, a 7 year old D40, which surprised me, both in dynamic range and what's considered "low light" for focusing.  As long as you have time to figure these things out during your shot you're ok; I wasn't photographing kids or sports so it was fine (usually).

s_grins wrote:

This is a pancake lens. When focusing the whole lens assembly with casing is moving, not just a single focusing element inside. Than is why this lens is tad slow and noisy.

But I like results that only matters for me

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