Looking for a good walk about lens for D800

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Re: Looking for a good walk about lens for D800

inasir1971 wrote:

Has anyone compared the output using one of these lenses like the AF-S 24-85 to what something like the Sony RX100 or a micro four thirds (like the Olympus E PL-5 also around $650) with standard zoom or a prime is like?

The RX100 for example costs around the same as the 24-85 - might that be a better or just as good alternative to a D600/D800 with the 24-85? Are we trying too hard to use the big DSLR just for the sake of using it?

The E PL-5 has the same sensor as the OM-D which is better than any Canon APS-C and nearly as good as Nikon DX. There are plenty of good lenses for MFT.

Comparing OM-D with Panny X 14-42 to D800E with 24-85 VR (I own all of these) at around 35mm FF equiv, the D800 outperforms the OMD in the center but at the edges of a 4:3 crop both the Oly and the Nikon are about the same.  Of course, you have 2 stops more DR and lower noise with the D800 at low ISOs.  I also own the RX100, and the OM-D edges the RX-100 center and corners, but again, the OM-D has visibly less noise at low isos.

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