Just got a D800 and no AF issues

Started Dec 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
Reimar Gaertner
Reimar Gaertner Regular Member • Posts: 358
Re: Just got a D800 and no AF issues

M Lammerse wrote:

I'm still envious - I feel that a +17 AF adjustment after my "fix" is just too much.

If you have a +17 adjustment...I wonder with what lens that is...


My 70-200 VRII and 24-70 didn't need any fine tune adjustment before I sent them in.  The 70-200 was fine left to right.  The 24-70 backfocused to about -15 on the left side.  Most of my trouble was with my 14-24.

After the "fix" both of the longer lenses need about +15 to +20 to be sharp, depending on focal length.

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