Canon EOS 6D v. Nikon D600 - from a real world standpoint, not paper stats!

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Canon EOS 6D v. Nikon D600 - from a real world standpoint, not paper stats!

Hi. I am new to the Forum because this is the first time I am considering a Canon DSLR. I am ready to pull the trigger on the 6D or the D600.

Real World Background. In the late 60's, in high school, I got into photography. Nikon was my dream camera (Nikon F) as I was shooting with a Practica (can we say East Germany). I took some of my best photos with it but after a year of drooling over the unaffordable Nikon F, I bought a Nikkormat FTN.

Decades went by and about ten years ago a decided to buy that Nikon F and all the F's (and some lenses) that followed as professionals starting funding their new digital equipment.

Most recently, instead of buying another Canon Elf, I bought the Panasonic Lumix DSLR that had a zoom that never ended. Nice but not what I hoped for.  Now, I have narrowed my decision down to the 6D or D600 (I think).  Besides all the paper specifications, I have to give some consideration to my back that has enough titanium in it to build a stealth person.  So, these two models seem to be derrivatives of top of the line of each company (setting aside the single letter-type models).

Along with camera weight, which is almost a draw, lens weight is important. As I don't think I will be making too much use of the older Nikkor lenses without AF or electronic zoom, the 70-200/300mm lenses concern me. I figure I will first use the kit lens as a "prime" and then need this size telephoto as my second lens. Even after figuring out the differences in the sensors and the types of lens available (L v. AFS), the different generations of the IS/VR concern me. Metal, plastic barrells and lenses, weight, F2.8 v. F4 (only one stop), quality of image, etc. seems like a moving target, let alone the body issues in this forum!

The next thing is, I cringe, why not drop down to the DX level? Some write ups talk about their quality if significant cropping is not being done, and if you don't have particular professional-type needs.   If I want to use the camera for family shots (needing some cropping) and I want to try to move back to a serious amateur, where is the cut-off line between the sensor types? (Assuming anyone can even agree on that taking the brand and the cost differential off the table).  In write-ups, even a few ozs. seem to require emphasis (e.g. the difference in weight between the D6 and 600D).  However, I do insist in crisp sharpness up to 8x10, maybe 11x14 (or equivalent cropping), and dead-on exposure (some of which can be adjusted in PhotoShop or even in lower levels of software)

Trying to set aside my Nikon dreams, it seems like reading alone draws me to the D6, most of the time. Some days, it's the D600.  But then even other days I say screw the disgrace of DX and go with a 3200D.

I be confused. Any help/comments appreciated other than "you're an idiot." Ah, that's okay too because I feel like one now that I have the money and can't select a damn camera! Maybe I should whip out a new F5 or F100 and call it a day.

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