test on GH3 and E-M5....

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Re: Another test

MatsP wrote:

It may be interesting that the Swedish photo magazine "Kamera&Bild" has tested GH3. Unfortunately not on the web, only on paper. They say that GH3 is near one stop better than GH2 regarding DR and high ISO performance and that GH3 together with E-M5 and E-PL5 is on top among mft cameras. On their "IQ line", where they compare actual cameras, GH3 however is placed a little bit under E-M5.

This makes more sense... The other question is, do they compare at REAL ISO or nominal ISO? (Latter making no sense.)

As for DR and noise I trust DXO and Dpreview... (And anybody, shooting RAW at the same scene@identical illumination, USING THE SAME LENS AND PUBLISHING full EXIF!!!)

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