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carl english wrote:

Proudly declaring himself to be English (rather than British) with "not the slightest wish to integrate with anybody",[60] he stated his admiration for controversial former MP Enoch Powell.[64] Moore devoted an entire chapter ("The Weak Arm of the Law") of his autobiography to denouncing modern British society, particularly "motorist-hunting" policemen, sentencing policy, as well as the Race Relations Act, Sex Discrimination Act and the "Thought Police/Politically Correct Brigade".[65] He later wrote that "homosexuals are mainly responsible for the spreading of AIDS (the Garden of Eden is home of Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve)".[66] He cited his opposition to blood sports and capital punishment to dispute claims that he had radical ultra right-wing views.[60]

In an interview with Radio Times, he provocatively asserted that the BBC was being "ruined by women", commenting that: "The trouble is that the BBC now is run by women and it shows: soap operas, cooking, quizzes, kitchen-sink plays. You wouldn't have had that in the golden days." In response, a BBC spokeswoman described Moore as being one of TV's best-loved figures and remarked that his "forthright" views were "what we all love about him".[67] In his June 2002 appearance on Room 101 he banished female news readers into Room 101.[68

Well, there are I would suppose many to pick from and although many within the politically correct brigade would abhor his (possibly alleged) remarks, to me anyhow I think that I myself would have some sympathy with his supposed views, especially with remarks referencing the BBC.  There is no doubt in my mind and to the minds of many people that the BBC has changed into a dumming down, trendy, liberal left organisation - this being admitted by former senior employees of Auntie.

Regarding the myriad of other references you noted. I feel sure that most people who, in the past, enjoyed a keen social life, if quoted on what was said at various enjoyable social evenings could be described as anything you nwished them to appear as.  The fact remains that Patrick was noted by very many as a person who would assist anybody, even to the beggerment of himself!  Possibly if we peer deeply into all our psyche's there is a lot that we would prefer to keep to ourselves.  Patrick was a plain speaker with no real side to him and spoke as it was.  Maybe we would all understand each other a bit more if we said what we feel and didn't hide things.  Of course, with age also comes wisdom and we all gradually amend our views of what is correct and what isn't. Sexist though, definitely not.

Dave. (UK)

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