Birds: 450d+55-250 (not so good)

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Good foundation with potential for great results


I found this thread very interesting as though alot of good feedback from seasoned veterans was provided already i thought I would chip in with my bit. Your start product is by no means bad at all, only the first image with the over zealous crop would not be a keeper and the last which is overexposed could pass with some PP especially as you shoot in RAW. The others only really need a little basic PP, with some adjustment of levels and some more vibrance etc etc.

I also wondered if you shoot in manual mode or aperture priority etc and what settings you use. For my attempts I always select the lowest possible ISO if during the daytime and I use aperture priority mostly, unless it was a BIF I would go for manual mode, just my personal preference.

What I would definitely say and mention as per my experiences is that getting that keeper or shot that you are most pleased with requires alot of patience and maybe at times a few attempts, as I tend to have alot of various angles, poses and perspectives of the same bird. I literally stalked the birds taken from my last post with the attempts from the same lens as you. I do try to get as close as possible as the shots with the most telephoto are not the best based on the lens' capabilities, also I try to stop down where possible (though not all the time).

Get to know your lens and use its strengths to your benefits, try shots with various apertures and whatnot, try various focal lengths and make some attempts to get close enough to find the sweet spot. Getting the best background possible also maybe helps though to have the subject standout I dont always get it, maybe seldom get it, but I try. Whether or not you are successful in all these or not at least keeping them in mind while snapping away helps you aim for the stars and at least i eventually get to the treetops or clouds when all is said and done.

Just for the record my attempts in that thread are a compilation of about 2 - 3 days after persistently snapping away  at various birds in the backyard, I could have sworn i was in a national park or a nature tour or something when I was in the backyard. So considering all things your efforts are quite good and have potential maybe with some more attention to fine details you will have some winners. Nice birds though BTW.


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