How m43 made photography fun again

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How m43 made photography fun again

I owned a Canon DSLR with a couple outstanding lenses (24-70L and 70-200L) for several years.  While the camera could capture gorgeous images, over time, I found that it captured less and less for the simple fact that I never had it with me.

I never had it with me because just the body and the two lenses filled a fairly large backpack and weighed a lot. I would only have the camera with me if I had specifically planned to take pictures at an event or whatnot. Photography became a chore - something I felt I was beholden to because I had sunk so much money into gear. Dragging the camera out was a big fuss.

I was browsing Flipboard's photography pages one evening in bed and I ran across this excellent little (albeit older) op-ed at the Phoblographer:

That planted the little seed and was the catalyst.  Over the next several weeks, I talked to some of my other photo-hobbyist friends (with mixed feedback) and did some research on m4/3 as a platform.  Thanksgiving was the final word.  I dragged my big backpack on our yearly pilgrimage to see the extended family.  Only this year, we were +1 (a little daughter) and it was just enough in addition to the diaper bags that I decided then and there to pull the trigger on the E-M5.

Fast forward from Black Friday - I now own an E-M5 with a little collection of lenses and even bought my wife an E-PM2 (mostly because I try to get her interested in my hobbies so I can spend more money on them).  I could not be happier with my decision.  The E-M5 is a joy to shoot with and the size and weight of this mighty little camera (particularly when paired with the Oly 45/1.8) is so refreshing.  I got a little Think Tank Retrospective 5 bag (that can hold my entire kit, BTW) and I take it with me every time I leave the house.  But I don't even need the bag, I can just take the camera with the little PL 25/1.4 and be perfectly happy that I can capture just about anything I need to and that concept is so liberating!

This camera has not only brought my love for photography back, but has helped me define my photographic sensibilities better than I ever had before.  Here are some of the images I've captured over just the last 3 weeks.

Who says m4/3 can't do bokeh?  Oly 45/1.8

Who says m4/3 can't do high ISO?  Oly 45/1.8

Curves - Oly 60/2.8 macro

Could it just be the novelty of the new system? Sure.  I love new toys as much as the next guy.  Only time will tell, but here's my good friend's advice to me when I was contemplating the new camera:

"In my mind, the most important reason to do it [switch systems] would be if you honestly thought that the new system, for whatever reason, was going to make you shoot more and make photography a bigger part of your life. Either system is capable of producing beautiful photographs. Not that I don't also like the novelty of new stuff, but it's important to keep one's eye on the ball with any endeavor and remember why you're doing it."

And so far, I have to say that this has been an unmitigated success!

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