Q wide angle blues

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Re: Q 02 Zoom

One correction... The 02 zoom is a 5mm to 15mm with a variable aperture from f2.8 to f4.5. It is f2.8 at the wide end of 5mm. It is a 28mm 35mm equivalent.

What I would want to see is a 4.36mm f2 (or f2.8) lens for the Q. It would be a 24mm equivalent and fast enough for interior available light use.

Pentax manufactures several C-Mount lenses including the Pentax/Cosmicar 4.8mm f1.8. It is Pan-Focus as well.

I had problems with the one I tried as even with a Rayqual C-Mount to Q adapter, I was never able to get it to focus correctly. I tried shimming it, but never was satisfied. Others have reported great success with it.

I wish Pentax would take their C-Mount lenses, and either make a Pentax/Cosmicar C-Mount to Q adapter with the correct for Pentax/Cosmicar tolerances or take the excellent optics and manufacture a version of the lens with a Q mount.

Dale108 wrote:

Have you tried the 02 zoom? It goes to 28mm and while slow (f3.5) at 28mm the SR of the Q lets you shoot at a relatively low shutter speed. While the 02 zoom is not as sharp as the 01 prime, it is better than I expected.


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