A Christmas gift for someone you hate!

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Oly Canikon
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Re: A Christmas gift for someone you hate!

nofumble wrote:

It is quite an over statement. My daughter wanted it and she had it on her ultrabook. No word of hate nor complaint from her.

Someone hates Microsoft product no matter what.

Someone loves Apple product no matter what.

I don't like Microsoft, but I have used their product at home and at work, and I didn't have to pay an arm nor leg for it.

I love Google, not because they have best product, just because they are free and they are constantly improved. I love the competition, I hate monopoly. Any company will become a monopoly if they have their way, so I never get much in love nor too much hate.

So are you saying I should accept an inferior product with no comment?

I do not have any Apple products other than an i-phone, so I'm not an Apple fan. I have many Microsoft based computers with no complaints.

I have no problem with MS adding touch screen support , quite the opposite they absolutely must add touch screen that is the way forward for portable devices. Their mistake was allowing the touch screen add-on to interfere with usability for the non-touch user. This will tend to be the people who use the computer for engineering or photo/ movie processing.

An operating system should be almost transparent to the user trying to get to their applications. Out of the box W8 is just too in your face. The fix is simple, just give the option to bypass the Metro interface. That's what Win shell does. If W8 came with something like that out of the box we wouldn't be having this discussion.

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