Sony SLT 57 or Canon T3i/T4i...

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Re: Sony SLT 57 or Canon T3i/T4i...

As others have mentioned, expect Sony support in this forum.

That said, the lens selection argument reminds me of arguments I used to hear about Macs versus PCs based on how many applications were available. The question is rarely, "How many applications (lenses) are available?" but rather, "Do they have a good selection of the kinds of applications (lenses) I want or need?"

All the major manufacturers make devices capable of producing very good images, technically. If you cannot get a good image with modern devices, there is something seriously wrong. The photographic process, however, involves more than the technical result on the end of the image pipeline. Different devices are more or less pleasurable to use, more or less flexible in their adjustments, more or less forgiving of less than optimal conditions or user error. The choice becomes a very personal matter. If you are concerned about lens selection (and if you know what kinds of lenses/focal lengths you want), take a look at Kurt Munger's site for a quick look at the lenses available for the Sony system.

It seems to me that Olympus/Panasonic/Pentax/Sony put a bit more quality into the kit lenses, than say, Canon.

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