What mode is your camera most often in? Why?

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Re: Speed mode for fast sports

richarddd wrote:

Chuck Lantz wrote:

90% of the time I spend shooting my primary subject - action sports - I'm in Speed mode, usually around 500s. At that speed I can capture just about anything from sailboats to jet planes, with the target sharp, and just a bit of blur in the background. That also allows a wide variation in light while quickly shooting in lots of directions.

The trouble with S mode is what do you do if there is no corresponding aperture to get correct exposure? For example, at 1/500 what happens if correct exposure would be f/1.2 and your lens only goes to f/2.8?

Many sports shooters use A mode with the lens wide open. That gives them shallow DOF and the fastest shutter speed that will result in good exposure. Have you considered this approach?

If using S-mode with auto-ISO the camera will select higher ISO to reach 1/500s, but if using A-mode you might have to set ISO manually for each shot to get 1/500s, as the camera might otherwise select a slower shutter speed with the lens wide open.

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