18-55mm Depth of Field at 55m F4

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Re: A couple of questions...

Thank you.  The iso and perhaps the glasses themselves would perhaps explain the 'graininess' in that area.  The sockets are in shadow and so there is a wee bit more noise in there.  I'm interested in gauging the sharpness of the lens wide open at 55 and look at eyes a lot because people are the main theme of my photographs and eyes usually tell me if a lens is sharp enough for my needs.  If I plump for the x system as alternative to my Canon DSLR then I'd certainly be thinking about getting the 56 f1.4 if it is as good as I would hope but I like the idea of the zoom for general walkaround with family, situations where it is risky to change lenses, the odd video sequence and the ability to get greater depth of field when you need it that the IS brings.  From what I have seen and read so far it seems very good with the only questions being the sharpness wide open at 55.  I probably need to see a few portraits at iso 200 to finally make my mind up - it doesn't have to be the sharpest lens ever made, simply sharp enough and that will do.

Thanks again for adding to the data for decision.

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