Need help with choosing lenses

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Re: Need help with choosing lenses

Frytek wrote:

Right now I'm a Nikon d90 (kit 18-105 + 50mm 1.8) user but I've decided to go to NEX system. I am sure I will have Nex-6 before Christmas and now considering about lenses.
My types are:
SEL16-50 + Sigma 19mm + SEL35f18 + SEL50f18
SEL16-50 + SEL24f18z + SEL50f18
I really like the 50mm on APS-C so for it is must-have. But I dont know what to buy for "standard". I think I will use kit ony fot video or skiing. But what for indoor/family shooting? Expensive Zeiss or Sigma and new 35mm? Im not sure if 50mm and 35mm are not to "close" for an amateur like me. Maybe any suggestions? I really like fast lenses like 1.8.

If I was in your place now I'd go for the second option.

- I would typically lean towards fewer high-quality lenses than more of lesser quality. That's of course an opinion, but I think most people would agree that juggling lenses usually ends up more trouble than you imagine

- Although early impressions on the SEL35f18 are positive, it has to been seen as kind of an "unproven" lens at the moment. Further, some expect the price to come down after some months on the market. If you wait a month and see a bunch of fantastic reviews come out, the balance might swing back the other way IMO.

- On the other hand, if you really want stabilization in your lens, get the 35 over the 24.

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