40/2.8 or 50/2.5 macro?

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Re: 40/2.8 or 50/2.5 macro?

biza43 wrote:

Pixelhater wrote:

Which is the sharpest of the two? And which is the best?

Oh, Fullframe all the way.

There is so much more to a lens than sharpness... best for what?


I actually own both, and it has never occurred to me that one of them is "best", somehow. They are quite different. Despite the similar focal length, they share very few properties, except perhaps the sharpness - they're both very sharp, even from f2.8.

The 50mm f2.5 was released in 1987, while the pancake is a brand new design. AF is precise, but slow and a bit noisy on the 50 f2.5, while the 40mm is rather quick and much more silent. The 50 can focus much closer, of course. It has fewer aperture blades, 6 vs 7 on the 40mm, so your OOF highlights will look a little nicer on the 40mm.

The 40mm is really small and weighs just 130g, the 50 is small and light, too, but cannot compete with the pancake, of course, at more than double the weight, 280g.

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