Anyone holding on for a full frame 36mp camera and not getting the A99?

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Re: Anyone holding on for a full frame 36mp camera and not getting the A99?

aardvark7 wrote:

I'd agree with your sentiment, to a point, but my issue is more with storage and transfer.

You need 32GB cards as a minimum, USB3 would be paramount and forget any sort of storage except for very large NAS. Online would be simply impossible, Blu-ray is limited (forget DVD) and even such storage as 4, 6, or 8TB NAS would be filled in no time. Then you need the discipline to keep it organised and backed up (doubling or trebling the size problem).

I daresay there are some who find such issues to be trifling, but your average photographer will soon get swamped and not keep track of everything as good practice would dictate.

This sounds like a space issue more than anything. That being said, I agree on the 32GB card being the ideal solution, as this seems to be in the sweet spot atm. ie. A 32GB Lexar Professional 1000x can be had for a very good price, and will offer plenty of room for most casual photographers. Not to mention, the sheer speed it offers to move 32GB worth of data onto a HDD. Likewise... with the price of HDD's these days, I'm thinking were in good hands as well. ie. a $89.00 HDD will yield an average of 41000 images of storage at 50MB a piece. Which is very good when you think about it. And with 4TB units in view, I'd say things are looking pretty good overall.

The main problem(I think) with such things is where the latest in camera technology will likely require a system to match. Though it looks as though were still within the boundaries of manageable data. Except perhaps with online storage. Then again... I think a a partial or selective remote storage strategy combined with local data backups would be sufficient for most shooters.

PS. have you seen Chase Jarvis's data storage strategy?

I found his video to be very helpful on topics such as these since he has very large data files(some spanning GB's) and needs to backup and store most of it. Granted, the small time shooter will likely not such a backup strategy, though it does help shed light on what options exist with respect to larger data files.

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