Noktor 0.95 50mm, keep or return??

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Re: You should seriously consider the SEL5018

howardleeming wrote:

I noticed in one of the replies earlier in this post someone mentioned getting a GOOD adapter. I have always bought cheap ones. Does the adapter quality have a bearing on the IQ?

An adaptor is essentially a spacer tube; so long as the front and back are parallel and the lens and camera attach without wobble, and the length of tube is correct, it should have no effect on image quality.

If it has wobble so the lens elements are not parallel to the sensor, in theory you could get areas out of focus (like a tilt lens). If the length is wrong you could incorrect infinity focus (i.e. can't achieve focus at infinity or infinity focus achieved short of the end point of the lens)

Well machined cheap adaptors (which are probably copied from more expensive ones!) will probably be fine, but it is a bit of a gamble.

Definitely worth considering an adaptor with a tripod mount, as it balances the camera better and puts the strain on the mount (with a long lens) which is replaceable rather than the front of the camera.

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