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Re: Use the camera feedback


Thank you very much for your comments. The exif data is accurate. My reasoning at the time was that i wasn't getting enough brightness from the moon, so i increased the exposure time. Then the shots were turning out a bit blurry, so i pumped up the aperture ( i know i know im a beginner). Now i see the flaw in logic. It was blurry because of the exposure time and possible (slight) movement. Should've use a modest aperture and exposure time. And thanks for mentioning the diffraction limit. That's something i havent heard of until now, and now have read about it to understand. I refrained from cropping more because I felt that it would appear to be too soft when magnified. I'll see when I can try this again. I havent seen the moon during normal night time for a while and I took it 2 nights ago at 3am after getting sick of insomnia.

I do have one question for you. On the image that you posted ( the view that you had preferred to see), the exif shows the lens as "18-55mm IS reversed". What exactly is meant by that?


Thanks for your comment too. Believe me, if i could get closer, I would. Let me try at this again.

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