Mola's or the Chimera Octa 2 Collapsible?

Started Nov 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Mola's or the Chimera Octa 2 Collapsible?

I've tried a few options, and TBH, I've not found the mcgiddy foldable beauty dish to perform any better than an elinchrom deep octa or similar unit - but the mcgiddy costs a lot more.

I can't see why anyone would recommend  it - compared to an octa softbox I dont see any performance benefits; but it costs a lot  more and is fiddly (imho) to set up. The only boon I see of it is the flat packing - but you can do that with an eli box too.
for the majority of the time you wont notice the difference between a beauty dish and an octa : The main reason I use a beauty dish over an octa is either for the grid, the weight (ie outside use) or cos I'm with fashion clients who (usually) seem to like seeing a BD on set.

Hope this was of help.

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