Need help with choosing lenses

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Re: Need help with choosing lenses

Frytek wrote:

Right now I'm a Nikon d90 (kit 18-105 + 50mm 1.8) user but I've decided to go to NEX system. I am sure I will have Nex-6 before Christmas and now considering about lenses.
My types are:
SEL16-50 + Sigma 19mm + SEL35f18 + SEL50f18
SEL16-50 + SEL24f18z + SEL50f18
I really like the 50mm on APS-C so for it is must-have. But I dont know what to buy for "standard". I think I will use kit ony fot video or skiing. But what for indoor/family shooting? Expensive Zeiss or Sigma and new 35mm? Im not sure if 50mm and 35mm are not to "close" for an amateur like me. Maybe any suggestions? I really like fast lenses like 1.8.

I'm an amateur and have SEL16-50 + Sigma 30/2.8 + SEL50f18. Have two kids < 2 years old with not great indoor lighting. The overwhelming majority of the time I'm using the Sigma 30mm.

In outdoor lighting the f/2.8 certainly allows for fast enough shutter speeds.

In indoor lighting with morning/daytime ambient light, it's not bad with ~ 2000-3200 ISO.

At night time indoors, definitely need flash help to capture the little ones.

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