What mode is your camera most often in? Why?

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Re: What mode is your camera most often in? Why?

river251 wrote:

Thank you all for the answers! I'm surprised to see there is a variety of preferences. As I mentioned to gollywop, my thoughts are to use manual for a while, thinking it will help me to fully grasp the effect of each variable on the picture as well as the relationships among them. But I'll want not to miss some shots, so can see the use of A and P modes as I learn too.

Nobody has said they use the Shutter priority mode.


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I'm not as experienced as some of the posters up the thread, but I think it depends a lot on the lens. I'll use A almost all the time on an f2.0 30mm lens where aperature can make a significant difference, I'm more likely to use S on a superzoom lens at 200mm lens where there aperture's going to be quite slow (large) anyway and I'm more concerned at having a shutter speed fast enough to avoid shake. But I take most of my photos with quite short, quite fast lenses, so I tend more towards A. I use M when I want to make absolutely sure what I'm doing, but I don't like leaving the camera in M in case I need to quickly snap something - leaving it in A or S will almost always guarantee a reasonable exposure.

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