46MP Sigma SD1 Merrill £1700 ....... vs D800

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Sorry for bringing old thread, but recently got interested with foveon sensors.

I suppose Sigma's Foveon is kind of digital image sensor from the future, current technology doesn't really have use of it, not to mention current vast knowledge about bayer CFA (essentially it's simple & cheap). oh, the person invented that, died already, my condolences, but tech is keep improving and pluto isn't a planet anymore.

But in the near future when everyone already bumped up their MP count on standard 35mm (or DX/APS-C) digital image sensor up to the level where diffraction will start to deteriorate image quality, then may be Foveon sensor will have it's day.

Just like housing in crowded city (hongkong, Tokyo, etc.) if you can't go side-by-side per-pixel, then you go up, stacking them.

So I suppose 36MP Nikon D800E currently is the apex of 35mm Digital image sensor, in the future should it be available 54MP (9000px x 6000px), it'll have more diffraction problem such as faced by D3200 (some light wavelength above f/5.6 will start to diffract on 24MP DX sized sensors and beyond f/8 you'll start to lose sharpness).

18 MP FX Foveon (not available yet) will outresolve any current best 35mm DSLR in term of resolving details. If you want 36MP, just interpolate it, and it'll still have more details resolved than D800E (provided you can get a good lens).

ok, may be I don't have a degree in physics, but looking at the results from foveon sensor, it's quite promising for the future, if only they'd have a good - easy to adapt lens mount (MILC with foveon?) and ISO performance could be better too.

Regarding pale colours, I think it's about that sRGB/AdobeRGB/whatever RGB thingies. Just oversaturate it in PP if you want psychedelic.

PostScript : I use D3200, bad AA filter! Bad nasty diffraction.

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