OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

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Re: OMD E-M5 Vs G5?

Jorginho wrote:

No actually they are virtually identical each and OMD is really better.

I've processed enough images by now to know that you have not processed enough to say that.

"That is waht measurements say". I do. and I do have a GH2. And I have shot them side by side. and i have compared them in extreme, but 99,9999% identical conditions. The EPL5 has a better DR and has better high ISO noise. Like Imaging Resource s says: thecolours and tones are very close to nature and exposed very very well. No hassle here, you can actually trust the cam. Not so with Gh2 (not at all).

Do you have a camera with that m43 Sony sensor and do you have one with the panasonic Gh2/G5 sensor? No. But you somehow are sure about somehting that you cannot be sure of and given the situation (I have both and you don't) is not very likely either.

Reviews are clear, measurements are clear. The most important thing to me: you can actually and easy see it. First of all it simply exposes right 99 out 0f 100 times. I guess they do not need to underexpose and let you push the shadows to prevent blown highlights. You can do that with GH2 becausse the DR is good enough, but compared to the OMD/EPL5 you can see that another camera is better. Colours are true to life, a pic with that cam, in RAw simply looks clearly better becuase it is better in each and every way.

You do not see it and I think it is pretty evident why.

That is what measurements say.

And we all know that there is no hope once a camera falls slightly behind in "the measurements" ... for example, I could never take a good image with a D70s ... it's just an embarrassment

The camera matters a lot. But the photographer matters more.

Irrelevant. I am buying cams to me so I am the same photographer. If you have photgrapher that uses G5 and OMD he will get the best result out of the OMD as it has the better sensor.

I have no G5 so I cannot commenton this but it makes sense as the sensor is essentially the same with MAR simply shut off.

I value those tests too ... but I have shot too many cameras that do not fare well on their tests to believe that skills at capture and in processing cannot bring things quite close ...

That might be true in some cases butyou canot generalise this to each and every case. In this case, the reviewers and DXO (which requires no skills at all other thenknowing how to get data out of a sensor and analyse it via software) are so unanimous that it is clear the differences are not an artifact of personal skills or lack there of.

There is no doubt: OMD/EPL5 have a significantly better sensor and have signifcantly better IQ than G5/GH2.

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