a rainy night (2 pics with the DA 18-55 WR)

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Thank you !....


Thank's a lot

I made the pictures at a liked viewpoint.

I always shout RAW + JPEG, did set the aperture and speed in the TAV mode and was 'mental' prepared to adjust the camera metering...but the K5 did it right at once.

The pictures are the JPEG's out of the camera. Only at first picture I adjust the horizon later via PP.

To the DA 18-55 WR

It's my one and only WR lens, and as others wrote, it's great, what kit-lens we get. It's clear, it's still a kit-lens, and I would not use it wide open, but when I use it where it's at it best, I'm pleased with the results.
My copy tend to focus sometimes behind the infinity point, and I belive that the big DOF do not compensate this, the pictures seems to look better when I focus via manual-focus short before to infinity mark.

It was late last night when I upload the pictures, but now, for my taste, the posted pictures look's not so sharp. The orginal looks sharper, especially the first one ... I should have sharpened the downsized pictures befor I upload them to DP.

best regards kikivrany

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