AF performance D600 vs. D800

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Re: AF performance D600 vs. D800

I don't have a D600 so can't answer your question. However I have a D4 and a 5D3 side by side. In low light situations the non-cross type AF points on the D4 destroys the cross-type AF points on 5D3 as long as there are some horizontal texture on the subject. However if the subject has only vertical texture, the non-cross type AF points fails to grab focus no matter how good the light condition is.

In my opinion the 5D3 is doing better as it has a much better coverage of cross-type AF points. Yes according to my tests the 5D3 is focusing slower than the D4, but more consistently! I often miss my moments with the D4 when I use the non-cross type AF points, which is really annoying.

If coverage of cross-type AF points is not an issue for you then switching to Nikon for better DR seems reasonable.

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