A system camera beginner asking for help on lens here ...

Started Dec 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
zkz5 Contributing Member • Posts: 665

Rachotilko wrote:

do the cheap primes (Sigmas 19 and 30, Oly 17 and Panny 14) provide any extra benefit in terms of low-light performance compared to standard zoom ?

Yes. Any of those primes will get more light into the camera (in the ball park of 2-4 times more) than that zoom would.

The exact answer depends on the prime in question and what focal length (i.e. zoom position) you have the zoom lens at. That zoom lets less light in as you zoom in farther. To get an exact answer you can use this: http://imaginatorium.org/stuff/stops.htm . You can leave the shutter speed fields blank.

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