Birds: 450d+55-250 (not so good)

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Re: Some suggestions...

Olga Johnson wrote:

AnthonyL wrote:

R2D2 wrote:

Thanks for your input - I read many of your posts.

AnthonyL wrote:

All of the images are 100% crops. I don't resize.

You'll never get detailed images by cropping to 100%, especially at greater than base ISO. No current DSLR I've seen is capable of that. I wouldn't crop any further than 50% with the 450D. The best way to increase detail is to fill the frame more (ie get closer).

That sure has confused me. Yes 100% crop - I crop in DPP and you see the resulting output. I thought the idea was to avoid resizing ie inventing or losing pixels.

You have to expect low image quality at that distance.

That is a cropped image. It is not a full frame image. (I wasn't talking about resizing.) The bird was far away and was not covered by enough pixels to give you the detail you thought you should have. You either need to be closer or you need more tele than the 55-250 can offer.

Yes I understand it is a cropped image and as I said further up I never resize, but I was responding to my non-understanding of R2D2's comment about never cropping to 100%, which I always thought was the correct thing to do, and I don't understand how to "crop any further than 50%."  Unless he means that the image should fill at least half the frame in which case he possibily didn't phrase it quite right.

Are there any circumstances in which resizing gives better detail?

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