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Re: R8 is best ever SLR

jedinstvo wrote:

It's unfortunate that the R8 came along just as Leica was about to drop the SLR line. There has never been a 35mm SLR that was so well-designed and built to such high standards of quality. True instrument quality. The lenses also were superior to just about anything out there. And considering the wonderful lenses both Nikon and Canon had at the time, that's saying plenty. But the 180 Apo-Telyt, 90 Apo-Summicron, and 19mm Elmarit outclassed anything else available. Unfortunately, there's no market for such products. The M system is as good as ever. So if you got an extra $20 thousand bucks in your pocket snap some up!

You are probably talking about the R9? The R8-R9 did "live" for a few years before Leica finally discountinued all of the R line by 2005-06?

I agree with you the R lens are much more versatile and does not lack any stellar performers. Nowadays the newer fanboys can only talk about the M lens which are mainly 35 and 50mm. They don't even know what the APO teles can do (or cannot do, without AF, for the average machine gun shooters).

The R8/9 does build like a German panzer, and are made to last. Perhaps more robust than a M body. I still think Leica should bring back the R lenses and make them into Nikon and Canon mounts. Just look at how successful the Zeiss SLR lenses are these days. With the Leica brand name they would be a hit. The old R line end up dying because people want digital, and they don't want to buy a last generation body or a cult slow photography body. However there are many who won't mid buying a Leica lens for their DLSR.

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