Quick question - MLU AND timer possible, D800?

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Re: It's a pity it can't work

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Cannot find a way to do this - is there a way I can use timer delay AND MLU at the same time on a D800? Thanks in advance...

No. The self time and the MLU shares the same dial.

Darn, I thought that may be the case. Thanks for the reply though.

I used to use Pentax DSLR's and they had a 2 second delay for the shutter after the mirror was locked up, a damned useful feature, IMO. So, you would set the shutter, the mirror would flip up and then 2 seconds later the shutter released. Great for tripod work as you didn't need to touch the camera again once you set the MLU feature.

One option is for you is to use the MLU feature and then trip the shutter after a few seconds, but of course this means that you are touching the camera which means it may affect any benefit of the MLU feature and therefore you may get blur.

The other option is to use a remote and then trip the MLU and then the shutter after a few seconds. This is how I operate it.

I really wish Nikon would introduce a firmware upgrade to allow for automatic shutter tripping after a few seconds when using MLU feature. Maybe even an adjustable timer of between 2-5 seconds.

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I use this all the time with my D800 I set to MUP and set  A4 Exposure delay mode to 3secs and use it just as my K5. The only thing different is you have to hit the shutter twice, once to raise the mirror and the second to start the delay and 3 seconds later it takes the photo.

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