My "$99" Sigma 19mm NEX is arrived - slap me silly, very impressive

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My "$99" Sigma 19mm NEX is arrived - slap me silly, very impressive

As an old fashioned prime snob, I have strong basis for 35mm ~ 50mm primes.  Not only are they  wide enough to capture 3-4 people with sufficient backgrounds, they're also yet tight enough for portraits.  Therefore, I completely dismissed Sigma 19mm f/2.8 in favor of a Sigma 30mm f/2.8 DN.

I briefly re-consider Sigma 19mm when it was on sale for $149 on Black Friday.  But I don't care much for wide angle, and I don't need the lens, so I let it passed....

As luck would have it, B&H Video offer a very short noticed $99 Promotion on Sigma 19.  I bought one immediately like a bandit, and was lucky enough to seized the deal before it was gone.  My $99 Sigma arrived last night.

B&H $99 Promotional Deal!

I tore open the package and immediately take some shot of my bedroom with a tripod.  I wanted to see how much difference a 19mm field of view is from my 30mm.

Sigma 30mm of my bed - tripod 5 foot away

Sigma 19mm of my "entire bedroom" from the tripod 5 foot away

Wow, I didn't realized what I"m missing out with a wide angle.  Sigma 19mm absolutely thrives for indoor shooting.

Field of View aside, both lens share the same construction, similar weight & sizes.  My Sigma 19mm seem to boot up faster than my Sigma 30mm on NEX C3.  I also find Sigma 19mm have smoother-less-sticky manual focusing ring than my Sigma 30mm (which can be very annoyingly choppy).

The Biggest Difference is that 19m has a significantly shorter MINIMUM FOCUSING DISTANCE of just 20cm, 7.9".  That is a big chance from my Sigma 30mm f/2.8 with a MFD of 30cm, 11.8".

A big advance of having such a short MDF is for product photography on small objects.  Not only can you magnify a small object so it look bigger, but you can also blurred out the backdrop easily since I'm shooting so close to MFD.

This shot could not be taken with my Sigma 30mm without stepping back signification and lose my magnification.  Sigma 19mm will replaced my point/shoot, which I rely on for super-closeup photography.

Sigma 19mm f/2.8 on NEX C3, shoot near MFD at 20cm / 7.9"

It has been less than 24hrs, so far I'm really impressed by Sigma 19mm.  I'm not a fan of the wide angle, but this Sigma is changing my mind.

I used to think the Sigma 30mm f/2.8 is the perfect lens, now I'm thinking a Sigma 19mm + Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS = the near-perfect NEX Combo.

Flat view
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