Wait for E7 or just get a Nikon D5200 or Pentax K5 II or K30

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Re: Wait for E7 or just get a Nikon D5200 or Pentax K5 II or K30

SirSeth wrote:

sevenseas7 wrote:

Recently I visited New Mexico and shot fall colors with my E-330 and Fujica 670 medium format film camera. As usual I was very happy with my E-330 performance and images it produced. But the scanned 6x7 negative at 18 MB produced a beautiful image with plenty of detail that really impressed me. It got me thinking about Olympus and its limitations with the 4/3 sensor and purchasing a camera with a larger sensor.

I believe Olympus has the technical skill to create a first class camera that can easily capture a larger market share, but only if they abandon the 4/3 sensor and create a full frame sensor camera.

I recommend you look for a camera company that can provide you a camera with a larger sensor with 1-2 excellent lens in their lineup that you would be happy with.

There are many reasons to go big (and I assume you mean 35mm), but to get IQ better than the E-330 is not one of them. You can do that with almost every DSLR and mirrorless camera produced in the past 2 years.



I also own an E-30 and I still believe purchasing a camera with larger sensor is the best choice for me.

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