D40x, next move?

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Lots of options.

I have the D60, which is almost a twin to your D40x in most features. I love it.

You have lots of options. In no particular order:

1. You can get a fast prime or three and learn shallow DOF photography and subject isolation. Nikon 28 f/1.8 G and Nikon 85 f/1.8 G for about $1000 total come to mind.

2. Get a flash and learn flash photography. Opens up your world to lower light shooting. Even shooting in the dark! SB400 is a great way to start with the SB600/700 being more powerful (but bigger and heavier).

3. Get a telephoto zoom. I have both the 55-200 VR and 70-300 VR. The 55-200 VR is one of my favorite lenses on the D60 since it has good bokeh, takes a good portrait and a good close up. The 70-300 VR is twice the size, weight and costs for 1/3 for focal length, but is really a better lens for wildlife and birds.

4. Get a birding zoom like the SIgma 150-500 OS and go into birding. Your D40x is going to struggle hear because of AF and high ISO limitations. Just so you know.

5. Get a updated body of the same body style. The D5100 is on sale now and a refurbished D5100 is better in nearly every regard to your D40x. AF is better and faster for sure. High ISO is much, much better too. Swivel screen is neat. The D5200 sounds awesome, but do you really need the jump from 10 MP to 24 MP? If 16 MP will do for you, I would just same the money and get the D5100.

6. Opt for a D7000 for more controls - Meh. The D7100 is slated to come out in two or three months. If you want a D7000, I would wait for them to go on sale when Nikon launches the D7100 (just like the D5100 is on sale now that the D5200 is coming out).

7. Get a macro like the well regarded Tamron 90 or the new Tamron 90 VC so you can shoot macro. I have several dedicated macro lenses. I also use a Canon 500d close up filter on my 55-200 VR for amazing close ups and I can take the smallish close up lens with me just about anyhwere all the time.

Depending on your budget you might try several of these!

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