ACR raw VS ViewNX

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Re: ACR raw VS ViewNX

pansycan wrote:

Hi Ryan, I apologize for the confusing run-on sentence.

Jack explained it but I will try to put it in my own words.

When the RAW button is grey, the photo on screen is the compressed basic jpeg.

When the RAW button is yellow, the photo on screen is an interpretation of the raw data using the same settings that were used in camera.

By clicking the RAW button, the picture may not appear to change much on screen. Color and exposure stay the same, but you will see more detail because you're are seeing a version of the photo with all of the resolution captured.

Using the software you can now change as many settings as the software will allow to create a version of the photo you like. You can also create as many different versions as you like, using that same raw file.

I hope I explained a little better this time.

Hi Pansycan,  Thankyou very much. Much appreciated.

I clearly understand your explanation this time. 

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