Lens recommendation for an a57

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Re: Lens recommendation for an a57

Both the 35mm/1.8 and the 50mm/1.8 are good lenses for interiors. Which one to prioritize depends on the kinds of photos you plan to make. The 35 has a field of view close to what many consider a "normal" angle, on cameras such as the A57, while the 50 edges just out of the standard angle of view into the low, low, low range of telephoto.

In other words, you won't have to back up as much with the 35 in a crowded interior, compared with the 75. However, if you want closer shots for interior portraiture, the 50 would work better.

Both lenses are great optical value for the price. If you already have the 18-135 (or even 18-55), you could run some experiments: Set the lens to 35mm and work with it, but without zooming any. Then set the lens at 50mm and do the same. Then look at the photos and the experience asking yourself which one got closer to what you had in mind. This is to help you narrow down the field of view only, the focal length.

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