Printing multiple pictures on one page and keeping the image size

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Re: Printing multiple pictures on one page and keeping the image size

ronzie wrote:

What version did that start with? All I ever was able to do was use print profiles to get a soft proof. In order to drive the printer CM I either had to install the same profile in the print driver or use another utility. In my unusual case the print driver itself would not work with a profile and PSP X2 and X3 did not drive it. I have X4 installed but have not used it for that purpose since by that time I acquired PDE10 due to PSP various instabilities. I have heard X5 is more stable but then I see occasional postings here and on the Corel forum about such problems.

All of my PSP findings were confirmed by testing including setting up a distorted profile to see if it affected printing. In X2 and X3 I saw the soft proof change but not the actual printing.

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Ron, I can't say when it started.  I never questioned CM by PSP X4.  I know that I have seen some bizarre effects (like you mention) when using an inappropriate profile.  To put it another way, what I see on the soft proofing is pretty much what I get in the print whether that is good or bad.  I have no reason to doubt that the PSP is managing color properly.  I can't imagine there would be a dialog with a choice for turning on and off "basic color management" and "soft-proofing" under the color management menu if the program couldn't follow through the instruction. Maybe the onset of the CM was at X4.  I used older versions but wasn't printing at that time.  My printing started with X4.

This is an interesting puzzle.  I would like to hear about what you observe if you run a print through your X4.  Just for grins!


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