Wait I don't care about TTL, I just want remote flash without my onboard flash.

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Re: Good call on SB-700

Mako2011 wrote:

paintballnsk wrote:

OK so after a few nights of playing with it, I've decided to send it back.

This thing just sucks as a slave. I can put the camera in manual mode and lower the flash settings to the minimum have have them trigger the Vivitar off camera. But it sucks. And I know it sucks because it works great mounted on the camera. I can dial it in great and use it as a bounce flash, but that's not what I want. This thing advertises as a wireless TTL that works for Nikon. It's a shitty lie.

Not a lie.....you just didn't know that "wireless" doesn't mean "IR" in this case but "radio"

I'm going to return it and get the SB-700, unless anyone can give me a reason to keep the Vivitar over it?

No, I love my SB-700 and the 2 SB-600's I use with it.

Thanks for the help guys.

Good Luck

Maybe I don't know how to setup the "radio" wireless? How do I setup the radio wireless with it? The sales rep said this works with the D7000, but the manual and Vivtar customer service are beyond useless.

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