NOT OK: R3000 second print (ABW) - lot of regular linear scratches... :(

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Re: Joe, R3000 rear sheet feeder clarification.

Petruska wrote:

doesn't really exist as compared to the one on the R2880.

The R3000 only has the top sheet auto-feeder, and the front sheet maual feeder.

The rear feeder slot is only used with roll paper and the it is also used to support the front feed sheets as they come out the back. One might be able to "trick" the roll paper function to use single sheets.

I have yet to find any paper, other than poster board, that hasn't loaded/printed just fine using the top auto-feeder. Now I agree with the OP that certain Fine Art papers selections and MK black force you to use the front manual feeder, but both you and I generate our own custom profiles which eliminates the sheet feeder constraints based upon what papers are used.

Bob P.

Hello, thanks for your comment, interesting point, could you please better explain why if you create a custom icc profile you can avoid to select the "offending" media setting?

In other words, when you create an icc profile you scan a printed image you have printed in which way? Following the manufacturer media setting/quality or not, or whatever? And if the patch print is printed with "Velvet fine art" for example, then you don't have to use still this media setting with the custom profile too? In this case the constraint of the front tray will not be circumvented (for MK).

Sorry if I ask trivial things, I'm sure I will finish to buy a Colormunki Photo sooner than later, but currently I simply ignore the real working details...



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