Nikon 14-24 refresh?

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Re: The hair shirt theory

Nice collection.

BTW, if you're inferring I don't have experience with the lenses I mentioned, you'd be pretty wrong. I've shot about as many lenses as you (over 40 Nikkors plus other brands), although I had a preference for Schneider glass in the large format arena over Rodenstock, but to each their own, both were quite good.

You can knock the 14-24 for it's size, etc, but the reality is that was the only way Nikon could design that zoom range with that kind of performance - it was going to have a huge front element, and thus flare was going to be an issue, it was going to be big, and it was going to be heavy. Given it replaces several primes (which, if you packed them all in a backpack would take more space than the 14-24 or even a 14-24 augmented with a 21 or 24 for filter use), I have a different conclusion than you.

Have a nice day. I don't agree with you and I found your post a touch arrogant if you were implying I haven't shot the lenses I discussed, but given you've shot large format, I have a considerable amount of automatic respect for you.


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