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Re: waste of money, probably

BAK wrote:

Do you want to spend $2400 for a 14mm lens?

The 24-105 is all you need for 24mm wide angle, and just dial it up on the ISO instead of spending money to buy f2.8.

But if yoi insist on spending, buy the new $800 f2 35mm stabilized lens.


Hmm, you may have a point.  I'm  unlikely to make enough money from the new lens in order to pay it off anytime soon.  I come from the land of the compacts having used the Sony R1 for years, though stock photo sales probably just about paid that off over the course of 4 years.  My point being though that my enjoyment of photography has only extended to DSLR's in the last 18 months or so.  14 months of that was with the 24-105 which never left the camera.  For the last 3 months the 70-200 stayed on the while time until yesterday.  Having been between 70-200 constantly, I was desperate for a wide angle.  Having rediscovered the kit in my bag yesterday, I know I already have as much as I realistically need.  However, I'm sure that a few of you at least undertand where I'm coming from.  I could have kept the 24-105 on the camera and never bought any other lenses, but I have already seen what I'd have missed out on.  Im expecting and hoping that a purchase at the wide end of the spectrum will have the same effect.  Plus, it's hard to beat that feeling when you buy a brand new lens, screw it on the camera for the first time and close the front door behind you.....


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